Hindu Vedic Priest in Arizona

Available for Hindu Vedic pujas like Srisathyanarana vratam, Gruhapravesam, Namakaranam, Ganapati homam, Vedic Wedding, all types of Havans (Homams) and all other types of vedic rituals in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale and in Tucson areas at one fee.
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Laxman Sastry

Ganapati Puja – Worship of Lord Ganesh the removal of all obsticales.Vivaha – Marriage ceremony Pumsavana – Garbhadhana taining a Male Child Antyesti-Kriya – Funeral Rite Simantonnayana – A ceremony where the husband parts his wife’s hair by drawing a middle line. Sraddha-Kriya – Offering oblation to the four fathers Sosyanti Homa – Rite that precedes childbirth Homa – Fire Sacrifice Jata Karma – Also Known as Medha-Jana, it Is performed for the Child’s Good Intelligence Sri Laksmi Puja Niskramana – The Child’s First Outing Sri Satya Narayan Puja- Sri Laksmi Narayan puja Paustika Karma Samskara – A Ceremony for the Child’s health. Sri Saraswati Puja Nama Karam – Name giving Ceremony Mundan – Hair cutting ceremony Sri Nava Graha and many more..
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Pandit Shivram Paudel
Serving Phoenix Metro Locations

Shivram Paudel hails from a family of Karmakandi Purohits. He learned pujan vidhi and basic astrology at a very young from his Grandfather, Golokvaasi Digvijay Sharma, who was also his Pujniya Guruji. His father, Golokvaasi Krishna Chandra Sharma, was also priest and astrologer.Shivram’s uncles, Pandit JaganNath Atreya and Murari Prasad Shashtri, are renowned priests and astrologer in West Delhi.
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Hindu Vedic Priest in Arizona

Do you want to perform puja, samskara, rite or ritual?

Please call us as we perform all types of pujas and dharmik vidhis with utmost care. We are knowledgeable and experts in performing all types of religious vidhis. we perform all kinds of pujas including the following:

Satya Narayana Katha, Laxmi Puja, Garbhadhan, Durga Puja, Simant, Saraswati Puja, Birthday, Gayatri Puja, Namakarana, Shiva Puja, Nishkramana, Mrutyunjaya Puja, Paushtika Karma, Ganapati Puja, Anna Prasana, Navagrah Puja, Karna Vedh, Gopal Santan Puja, Mundan (Badha), Vastu Puja, Vidhya Aarambha, Archana Puja, Upnayana (Janoi), Havan (All), Vivah (Marriage), Bhumi Puja, Antyeshthi, Vastu Puja, Shraddha and Kalash Puja

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Pt Anilkumar Sharma
Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona
51293 W. Teel Road, Maricopa City

Pandit Anil Sharma is a Hindu Priest with vast prior experience of serving in various temples in secunderabad and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh India. He is conversant in languages namely Telugu, Sanskrit and English. Besides bringing with him a valuable skill of performing special alankarams to deities at temples, he also has educated in atrological sciences (jyothisha praveena, jyothisha visarada).
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Pt Jeyantheeswaran Bhattar
Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona
51293 W. Teel Road, Maricopa City

Pt. Jeyantheeswaran Bhattar, a Yagnika (Hindu Priest) with several years of formal training hails from the city of Vallioor, Tamil Nadu. Panditji is well versed in Krishna Yajur Veda and Shaiva Agama and is qualified to perform several rituals and religious ceremonies in accordance with Hindu traditions. Having participated in numerous religious seminars conducted all over India, Pt. Jeyantheeswaran Bhattar has undergone formal veda, agama and shastra training at Veda Agama Samaskrutha Maha Patashala, Bangalore. Bhattar acquired his training in Shaiva agama under the guidelines of Veda Shiva Agama Sidhanatha Sastra Kala Maha Patashalai, Thiruchendur, India.
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Pt Varaprakash Acharyulu
Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona
51293 W. Teel Road, Maricopa City

Pt.Varaprakash has undergone extensive academic training in Sri Pancharaatra Agama Pratistantam at the Sri Venkateswara Veda Patasala (Dharmagiri) of the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams and also worked there for 5 years. Well experienced, Pt.Varaprakash has also worked at the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple of Colorado, Denver over the recent years. “My mission is to explain and interpret our religious values to our community youth in America”, says our Pt.Varaprakash.

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Sri Sudharshana Bhatt
Ekta Mandir Hindu-Jain Temple, AZ

Priest Sudharshana ji was born and brought up in Karnataka, India. He is a graduate in Pancharathra Agama Pravara & Praveena from Maharaja Sanskrit College (Mysore -India), Vishista Dwaitha Vedantha Vidwaduthama from Jayachamarajendra Sanskrit College (Bangalore – India) and Adwaitha Vedantha Vidwaduthama from Sree Kala Bhirava Veda Sanskrit College Aadi Chunchanagiri. He was trained in Agamam by his father Sh. Raghava Bhatt and also by Dr. Venkatarama Bhatter. He was a priest at Sri Vasantha Vallbha Raya Swamy Temple (Vasantpura – Bangalore) for 10 years.

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