Karate Classes

AKF Blackbelt Academy
4041 E Thomas Rd #108, Phoenix, AZ

The AKF Black Belt Academy was founded in 1988 by Master Tim Mullis (6th Dan Kyuki-Do, 2nd Dan AKF Jiujitsu, 1st Dan Judo, and 2nd Dan Haidong Gumdo). Trained by the finest teachers available including GrandMaster Ok Hung Kim (Founder of Kyuki-Do) Master Mullis has been a household name in the Phoenix area for nearly 30 years. Awarded Black Belt “Man of the Year” from the American Kyuki-Do Federation he has enhanced the lives of hundreds of his students.

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Arizona Family Karate Academy
822 E Union Hills Drive Suite D-2
Phoenix, AZ

Learning a martial art can be the memorizing of moves, but at Arizona Family Karate Academy we focus on teaching our students much more. Martial arts is, in some respects, a way of life. We do not mean that certain individuals earn a living from being in matches or teaching. Martial arts is a way of life because it practices mindfulness. When you practice a strike, a throw, or an exercise, the goal is to understand your body and be one with the movement. Eventually the goal is to, in time, be completely present in the moment and learn how to bring out that amount of centeredness when you need it. All the stresses in your life become much more manageable when you know how to find your center and understand that you have the mental tools you need to overcome the problem.

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Arizona Martial Arts Academy
12244 N 51st Ave, Glendale, AZ

Study with Shihan Jiro Shiroma at the Arizona Martial Arts Academy and receive the highest quality instruction at an affordable rate.  We have been in the same location and providing quality karate instruction in the North Phoenix and Glendale areas for over thirty years.  Shihan Shiroma teaches Karate, Okinawan Weapons, Ju-Jutsu, Kickboxing and Self-Defense.

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Horizons Martial Arts
21043 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Established in 2005, Horizons Martial Arts offers top notch instruction for Kids Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Adult Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Horizons also features Judo, Aikido and fun Fitness Kickboxing classes! Our students enjoy state of the art facilities that are safe and clean. Men, women and children of all ages and levels of expertise are all welcome! Every student matters at Horizons as we focus on self-esteem, self defense, and conditioning. Our emphasis is on you becoming focused and developing mental, physical and emotional strengths. These attributes will allow you to become a true champion inside and out.

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JKA of Phoenix
505 W Dunlap Ave e, Phoenix, AZ

The style of Karate that we teach is Shotokan Karate. Karate at its beginings was a fighting system that came to the Okinawan Islands from China sometime in the 1400’s.  The ruler of Okinawa then was a Buddhist follower and banned weapons. The people of Okinawa were not allowed to use weapons for a long time and using this fighting system became prominent. Then Japan invaded Okinawa in 1609 and placed a ban on anyone practicing martial arts, and so martial arts training was done in secrecy. Three main branches of martial arts developed during the 300 years that followed: Shuri-Te, Naha-Te, and Tomari-Te. Eventually, these developed into two main styles: Shorin-Ryu and Shorei-Ryu.

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Mountainside Martial Arts Center
3173 E Chandler Blvd, Phoenix, AZ

Sensei Rick Savagian expects all students to become better citizens within their communities and, in a broader sense, their country. Proper respect is expected at all times. The extension of courtesy is a founding principle of the dojo.

(480) 759-4540
No Limits Karate Academy
2510 W. Happy Valley Road #1249 Phoenix, AZ

No Limits Karate Academy is focused on developing top leaders by teaching leadership skills, respect, perseverance, & goal setting through traditional karate.
We have the best instructors here at No Limits Karate Academy. We can definitely make a difference in your children’s lives. We also accept adults and also have family classes.

(623) 869-6631
Paradise Valley School Of Karate
3851 E. Thunderbird Rd B117, Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Michael Wall always wanted to do martial arts, but coming from a small town in Iowa there weren’t too many dojo’s around.  He finally got a chance to train while he was attending the University of Northern Iowa in 1972.  After 2 years of training, he received a brown belt in taekwondo under Mr. Mike Nelson. In 1974, he was working out at the University of Iowa gymnasium without a teacher.  He remembered seeing this big guy working out in the corner who looked really good.  He walked over and asked him if he could train with him.  The big guy (Mr. John Hutchcroft) said, “Sure, put on a white belt.”  This didn’t sound too unreasonable for Mr. Wall who then started training with Mr. Hutchcroft in the Shuri-Ryu system. Mr. Wall received his Shodan under Mr. Hutchcroft in 1978.  When Mr. Hutchcroft moved from the Cedar Falls area, Mr. Wall took over his club.

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Phoenix Chos Tae Kwon Do
17224 N. 43rd Avenue, Suite 101Glendale, AZ

Phoenix Cho’s is family owned and all classes are instructed by the Corupe’s.  Mr. Allan Corupe, Mrs. Ene Corupe, and their son Mr. Mark Corupe are all 5th Dan AIMAA Certified International Black Belts and R.A.P.E. Defense Certified Instructors.  Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, president and founder of AIMAA is their instructor and is committed to assisting them with their own advancement and technical support. Phoenix Cho’s has been approved as an Action International Martial Arts Association charter school. Receiving AIMAA affiliation, positions Phoenix Cho’s as a Tae Kwon Do martial arts school of excellence.

(602) 348 4400
Strong Heart Academy
3130 E Union Hills Dr
Phoenix, AZ

Martial Arts has a wide variety of benefits, such as self defense, reducing stress, building comradare, and is a fun way to lose weight. Our martial arts school teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  (aka Jiu Jitsu or BJJ) for kids and adults, Wrestling, Kids Karate, Tiny Tigers, and a striking class.

(602) 487 9828