IACRFAZ community hall is the place for all the people to conduct family functions, seminars, social activities etc. It is a place which provides all the amenities, which are required to carry out the activity at the hall smoothly.

Rental Information

Tables Available- 20 | Chairs- 250 | Hall Capacity- 250 people

Monday – Thursday Full Day (9 am- 9 pm) $700
Half Day (9 am- 3 pm/ 4 pm- 9 pm) $350
Friday Full Day (9 am- 9 pm) $800
Half Day (9 am- 3 pm/ 4 pm- 9 pm) $400
Saturday Full Day (9 am- 9 pm) $1000
Half Day (9 am- 3 pm/ 4 pm- 9 pm) $500
Sunday Full Day (9 am- 9 pm) $800
Half Day (9 am- 3 pm/ 4 pm- 9 pm) $400
  • Cleaning Charges: $100
  • Set up Charges :
    • Standard  = $100
    • Special     =  $200
  • Decorative Mandap for Wedding: $1000
  • If food is catered from somewhere else, then it has to be totally vegetarian and no liquors allowed. No meat, no fish, egg products, or liquor not allowed in Temple premises including parking area. In case of violation, a fine of $500 will be charged.
  • Religious lectures will get a 50% discount on the Hall Rental.
  • Hourly Rental: $25/hour (Max. 2 hours for stage only)
  • Hourly Rental: $75/hour (Max. 2 hours with tables)
  • For 3 or more events a year there will be a 10% discount for each hall rental.

Please click below to download the hall rental rules, regulations and rates document.


It is a place for both the members of the community as well as the outsiders. The community center, which is spread in 4.5 acres of land, also provides parking as well as other facilities which are are beneficial for the users. You can apply for the reservation by filling in all the details asked in the form below with all the details about the purpose you want to reserve the hall for. Alternatively, you can also download the reservation form from the given link and send it to the addresses given below after filling all the required details. You will be contacted by the foundation once your request is received and will be assisted about the further information.

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For more information please contact:

Alma Lucero(Hall Custodian) | Cell: 602-647-3398 | Email:
Mailing Address: IAF-BEMA, P.O. Box 35275, Phoenix, AZ 85069