Indian Temples

Arizona Sikh Gurdwara
1129 E Sheridan,
Phoenix, AZ

Sikh Religious Society of Arizona is a non-profit organization which is working actively for the Sikh community in the state of Arizona. The Society is involved in many local projects for the benefit of the Sikh community. In November of 1996, it started working delegently towards the establishment of a new Gurdwara in Phoenix. In 1999, a suitable location was purchased in the middle of town at 1129 E Sheridan Stree, Phoenix, Arizona and Arizona Sikh Gurdwara was founded.
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Bharatiya Ekta Mandir
2804 W Maryland Ave, Phoenix, AZ

Ekta Mandir Concept: Unity in Diversity
The Temple has been designed with traditional Indian architecture and has five shrines including
Mahavir Swami, Bhagwan Adinath and Parshvanath
Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh
Lord Krishna, Radha, Srinathji
Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman
Lord Venkateshvara (Balaji), Bhudevi & Sridevi
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Guru Nanak Dwara
2302 N 9th St, Phoenix, AZ

For almost 50 years, Guru Nanak Dwara has been envisioning and manifesting a beautiful and peaceful inner-city spiritual campus in service of the Sadh Sangat. As the doors to Guru Nanak Dwara open in every direction, to each and everyone, our humble prayer is to continue this Seva for generations to come
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Hindu Temple of Arizona
3019 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

Build and maintain a Hindu Temple in Arizona, with multiple deities, with Shri Venkataeshwara, Shri Radha Krishna and Shri Ram Parivar as main deities with equal prominence, built per Hindu traditions.
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Jain Center of Greater Phoenix
6250 S 23rd Ave,
Phoenix, AZ

Jain Center of Greater Phoenix (JCGP) has been established for 25 years. It represents about 150+ families in the Phoenix metro area.
JCGP is 501(C)(3) certified non profit organization. (EI#86-0689617)
For JCGP By-Laws
In 2005, JCGP had acquired 4 acre land for building Jain Temple in Phoenix.
Bhumi Poojan ceremony was conducted on July, 9th 2005.
Shilaniyas Ceremony was conducted on Oct 26th 2007.
Temple Construction started in April 2008.
Vedi Shilaniyas Ceremony was conducted on 16th Aug 2008.
Pratistha Event was held on Dec 20th to Dec 26th 2008.
The Jain center has been very active for past several years hosting a variety of events related to Jainism.
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Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona
51293 W. Teel Road, Maricopa City, AZ

The temple is located in serene surroundings with the open desert on one side and mountains on the other. Built in true Agamic traditions, Maha Ganapati Temple houses the shrines of Lord Maha Ganapati, Lord Viswanatha and Goddess Visalakshi, Lord Venkateswara and Goddess Padmavati, Valli Devasena Sametha Sri Subramanya, Lord Ayyappa, Navagrahas and the Murti of Pancha Mukha Anjaneya.
Nishkam Seva Gurdwara Sahib
4950 W Tonopah Dr, Glendale, AZ

A disciple or a student, who is engaged in learning higher truths of life, he who believes in one Universal God, he who loves all people whatever their race or faith and judges them by their deeds.
Sikhism was founded in 15th century by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Guru Nanak, traveled through-out India and other countries of Asia and preached truthful living, universal brotherhood, unconditional love for humanity and unconditional service for humanity, often known as NISHKAM SEVA.
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Radha-Krishna Lotus Temple
100 S Weber Dr, Chandler, AZ

Welcome to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON Phoenix). Because we engage in the chanting of the Holy Names “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare” we are also known as the “Hare Krishna” or “Radha-Krishna” temple.
(480) 705-4900
Shirdi Saibaba Temple Arizona
3210 W Bell Rd #106, Phoenix, AZ

Thursday is a special day for Shirdi Saibaba and Sai devotees regularly perform a special Sai Aarathi every Tursday evening as far a possible. Under the guidance of Shri Saipaadha Meiyadimmai we five families started Sai aarathi every Thursday evening. As more and more devotees came to know about this aarathi they have been joining our group and now it has become a much awaited weekly celebration for all the members. Sai’s mercy and grace that
our group has crossed 50 celebration and is counting.

(602) 410-2645
Shreenathji Temple
6300 S 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ

With the blessing of Shreenathji Bawa ” Vaishnav Samaj of Arizona (VSAZ) invites you to Celebrate Suvarna (Golden) Mahotsav (50th Birthday) of our Ashraydata Pujya 108 Shree Dwarkeshlalji Maharaj Shree
(602) 288-8801